Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horse Isle

Hello Readers,
First and foremost, I thought that I'd start something on a game I go to quite frequently and that would be the game called Horse Isle. Now, i'm not a subscriber to this game, but i play on it as much as I possibly can. This game, well, it's basically an online world where you can do quests, make money, sell and buy horses, and even just hang out if you don't really care to play.
As an unsubscriber, I have not been able to fully...experience the most out of Horse Isle, but even so, I have enjoyed talking with people and just roaming around collecting quest points and horses. Not being able to subscribe because I don't believe in paying for a virtual game that you can do nothing but stare at all day, I cannot own a ranch or have as many horses as I would like to have. These are some of the more...profitable perks of being a subscriber.
When you subscribe (either for one month or a year), you are able to have unlimited time on Horse Isle. You can buy a ranch and put barns on it so that you may own as many horses as you'd like. When a Horse Isle server fills up, you'll have first take to get in rather than most unsunscribers. You can go places for free and you can sell horses while being offline. You can train your horses twice as often as others on the game and you can also earn money while you're offline.
I understand that people who subscribe should get more benefits than the rest of us, but I wish that the unsubscribers could get more. Especially those of us that might be children or just can't afford to pay for something you don't need. I can only have up to five horses and trust me, that may seem like a lot, but when you're walking around the islands and you find a wild horse, you can't catch it and therefore, you have to take the chance in telling someone else about it. This is a generous thing to do, but the horse may have outstanding Ut's (I will explain these later on). This gives whoever catches it a step up because then they can sell if for a lot of money.
Ut's are what all of the Horse Isle players refer to as the untrainables, or the horse's personality and intelligence. Horses on Horse Isle have seven stats in all, five of which are trainable by going to various training stations on Horse Isle. This includes Speed, Strength, Confirmation, Agility, and Endurance. If you max out by training these stats, you can sell the horse for a considerable amount more than if it were wild.
Now when training, I have to pay $1,000 for every time I want to train a horse of mine. Subscribers do not have to pay a thing for training nor do they have to pay to travel to islands or cities, whereas I do. Paying to go places, it doesn't really cost a lot, maybe max $500, but when you have to go back and forth over and over again, it gets kind of pricey. Shoot, i can spend around $5,000 in 2 minutes just traveling back and forth between places.
Horse isle has 10 servers that you can join. All are exactly the same and all have the same quests. The more servers there are, the more people that can play because each server has a max occupancy of 150 people. Every server is named after a different breed and I personally hang out on the Cremello serve because when I joined, it was the once at the top so I clicked on it. Now, I haven't really tried any other servers, but it is said that the cremello server is the most expensive and it doesn't really have a whole ton of people on. Now, I stay on this particular server because I have a ton of quests done and when you switch servers, you can't take anything with you so you basically have to start from scratch. Now that's a big downer to the whole game.
Not being able to transfer everything over to another server is a security thing I guess, and it's supposed to prevent people from cheating but I have yet to see how cheating is exactly possible...Considering that each and every server is the same, cheating doesn't really seem to be...the smart thing to do because all you're doing is going to a different server with different people. It's not like you can cheat with yourself by going back and forth.
Horse isle can be a very fun and interesting game if you play it long enough, but some of the quests can be quite confusing. Especially the ones that take longer and the max time an unsubscriber can have is 6 hours to play and that is A LOT of time, but quests also take A LOT of time to do. That's why sometimes even the best of us can get caught up in a game that is seemingly nothing except a way to pass time.
The only way to really get 6 hours of play time or any long length of time, is to stay logged off for a day or two. You get 1 minute of playtime for every 8 minutes that pass and that equals to around 7 and a half minutes an hour or 180 minutes(3 hours) a day(24 hours). Three hours is a lot of time, but time passes fast.
Oh and the annoying music that plays on there. I always have to mute the thing because after a while, it gets on my nerves. It's as if there is nothing better to play other than "da da da da da" over and over again. Luckily they have a mute button on the game so that you can keep it silent.
There is so much that I could discuss on Horse Isle, but I think that this is a pretty good overview of the game. See you next time.
~Vet In Training

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