Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear Readers,
Let's face it, Obesity is a nationwide problem that is infecting every other person. Yes, I know I make it sound like a disease, but that's just what it is. A disease. It's an infectious virus that streams through our systems and takes hold of some part of our brain that in the end, turns us to the road of obesity.
Here is the Webster's dictionary definition of Obesity.
" obesity (ō-bē'sĭ-) The condition of being obese; increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat."
So in short terms, we as people, stuff our mouths with so much food that eventually, yes, we become obese. Now, don't take offense if in these short and rather rude terms i've described you because, for some of us, it's not our fault. It's hard to not walk into the kitchen and see all the sweets and snacks that look so delisious to ignore. Trust me, I've experienced this little...hardship before adn do you know where it got me but ignorign everything in the kitchen except our main foods? It got me sixty pounds lighter and six pant sizes smaller. Now, in the beginning, it was hard. Extremly hard to start continuously walking everyday, once a day. It was hard to moderate my food intake, but once I did, I was surprised with the results.
The key to the whole thing is repitition. Repeating the same routines over and over again really helps you ignore the things you don't need and focus more on the things you do. For instence, pop is a big thing in today's society. Pop is everywhere and everyone wants it, but do we really need it? No we don't. Pop contributes to the many sugar intakes we have and it is just extra fat that we don't need.
Now me, I used to drink pop ALL the time and I loved it, especially root beer. But i did some reading up adn guess what, i found out that without pop, I could succeed a whole lot easier at losing weight and therefore, straying out of the obeity catagory. Even the minor obese. I cut out on pop cold turkey. Yes, I have one every once in a while but for the most part, yes I did give up pop.
Once pop was gone, I went straight to water. I consumed water like it was candy and before I knew it, water had actually begun to gain a taste! I could tell the difference in some waters to others and I could tell which ones I liked and didn't like. The whole thing was great.
Now as for food fat, it kind of just slimmed away on its own. Without even realizign it, i was walking an hour a day in no time, drinking at least 8 8ounce glasses of water a day, and eating my meals at times that worked for be, but when I was actually hungry.
Our everyday lives, all of it, contribute to obesity. From all the time we spend on the computer to the hours of the day that we sit at desks in school or work. Doing simple things like just beginning to walk will help with all of this. It's simple. You can start out at simple 15 minute walks and work your way up. Everythign contributes to helpign out with this nationwide problem. What i have also foudn to be most helpful, is swimming.
Swimming can burn calories fast and I mean quick. If you're obese, you might as well start swimming or walking because it has shown that the heavier you are, the more fat you burn. This is really helpful to most people as they want to get slim quick, btu soon enough, your progress will slow down and you'll have to work harder to get the pounds off.
I'll add more to this topic later, but for now, you've hopefully lerned a little more about obesity. I still have a long ways to go before i'm happy with myself (About 50 or so more pounds) but i'm happy with how far i've aleready come.

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