Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Rainforest and Our Terrorism

Hey Guys,
Today I thought Id discuss something on the Rainforest. I mean, It's one of the most beautiful and amazing places on earth. And what are we doing? We're destroying everything that lives in that wonderful place. We're cutting down trees to satisfy our own needs. We're destroying habits of some of the most tropical and beautiful animals in the world and worst of all, we are destroying our main source of oxygen.
To get oxygen, we need plants. And to get plants, we need sunlight. We also need years of wait in order to collect enough time to produce a plant or tree that can produce enough oxygen that is needed. Now when we cut down and destroy our main source of oxygen, we aren't only damaging the lives of many animal species. We are also damaging our lives. Without oxygen, we cannot live. In years, maybe a century or more, The rainforest will be depleted and more kids
will be born with asthma or breathing problems. We'll have less air for everyone and eventually, people will be dying from suffocation.
Plus, do you know that everyday, hundreds of species, whether they be plant or animal, go extinct? Thousands of species lay undiscovered in the rainforest and what could be some of the most important species unknown to man. With every tree we cut down, we might as well be steeling the lives of hundreds of animals.
Now, People survive off of what the rainforest has to offer and still, we kill off their life line. There are animals that that don't exist ANYWHERE else. The same goes for global warming, We're always polluting the air and everything like that and the polar bears are dying out because
the ice that they live on is melting. Soon, maybe in the next few decades, Polar bears will be gone and the same could be said for thousands of animals in the rain forest. Such as the Red-Faced Spider Monkey. He ONLY resides in the rainforest and without it, he would become extict like many of the animals before it.
We need to stop what were doing and create some other type of synthetic paper or something of the sort. it's sad what we;re doing.
Oh well, computer's dying. Listen to me...This is getting us nowhere.

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