Thursday, January 14, 2010

Short Shorts, Short Skirts, and Tops

Hey readers, back again.
Now as you know, I love to talk about just about anything that crosses my mind and to be honest. The shortness of clothing these days has really gotten on my nerves. I mean, what happened to good Ol' fashioned jeans and t-shirts? Now, people are wearing things that just MAYBE classify as underwear. Now, i'm of the most recent generation, but seriously! Even I find it a disgrace to see some of my friends (Now, not close friends) wearing that kind of junk.
Let's start with short-shorts. Shorts got their name for obviously being, short, but really? Do they have to be soooo short that they barely cover your buns in back? And by buns, you know what I mean. Heck, some have even gone to wearing spandex and let me tell you, for some people, that is just NOT a good look for you. Sorry, but none of us want to see every curve and clevis on your butt and front. Ha, or the jean shorts that can't even be classified as shorts! Now those make me want to barf. I understand Daisy dukes, I really do, but to have the cheeks of your butt falling out to where people can see that you don't even have UNDERWEAR on, now that's pathetic.
Okay, now Short Skirts. I understand wearing skirts. truly, I do. We all wear them for certain occasions and such, but do you HAVE to wear them so short that when you bend over, we all get a view of some very unneeded places? No one wants to see the crack of your butt, your vagina or any of that mess. If it can't fit past your butt other than to cover you like a freaking tutu, than maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be wearing it. Now, wearing leggings beneath them is a whole other story. Short skirts are a little more bearable if you're wearing leggings underneath because we don't necessarily get a full "view" of your backside. Still, we don't want to see your now spandex attached butt, but you get the idea.
Tops, or in other words, shirts that maybe, MAYBE cover your boobs and that's about it. Now, I just Jon't understand these things. Shirts are supposed to be an article of clothing that covers your upper body. This does not mean get a freaking belly button shirt or a shirt that just barely covers the top of your boobs! There is a little something called indecent exposure and girls that wear these shirts, they should be top on that list. I mean, there are children that should not be seeing that junk. Wearing that kind of thing to a club or something, but not to school or outside. You do not need to wear something that clings to you like a second skin. It's just disgraceful.
Now Jeans and a t-shirt, that is the perfect thing to wear. You're always comfortable and you never have to worry about anything except maybe a little butt crack showing. Plus, they're the universal clothing. That's my opinion anyway.
Oh well, just thought I'd let you know what's goin' on in this head of mine.

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